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How to use the LOD portal...

Download the illustrative video LOD.MP4

About the guided queries...

The guided queries allow to select data aggregated by different territorial level,choosing a municipality. Use DATASET area to download data at heigther territorial aggregation level (region, province).

About the guided queries...

Queries allow to download file with dimension biggerg than 10 Mega.
Output dataset are not limited in their dimension, but there is a time limitation to 10 minutes of downloadin for each query. For big municipality and queries at census section level, this time could be not enough, thus use DATASET area to download data.
Note that complex query could take same minutes of response time.
Wait the begin of the download phase before executing a new query.

About the customized queries...

SPARQL Endpoint allows the execution of customized queries enabling user to freely browse the data.
Queries with output in HTML format are limitated to 1000 rows and the output is visualized to the browser.
Other output format have no dimensional limits (with the timeout to 10 minutes for each query).
The endpoint of the webservice is


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